Inequality and the Wealthy Bubble: Dangerous to Progress

Prior to the presidential election last year, we saw a few rumblings from CEOs stating something along the lines the financial world would come to an end and they would have to close their large businesses forever if President Obama won reelection.  Now we are seeing another very wealthy figure emerge and say he might close up shop and leave the country because of higher taxes.

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson has apparently “hinted at a move away from California, perhaps the United States, and maybe even away from golf as he seeks to escape punitive taxes.”  We should all feel tons of pity for Phil since he has somehow managed to scrape by on an average of over $40 million a year for the past seven years and now faces these higher taxes.  How will he put food on the table?

Ignoring the ridiculousness of this story and looking at the bigger picture, we obviously have a problem in the United States.  The problem: the people at the top make so much money, they can take their proverbial ball and quit whenever they choose.

Some may look at this and suggest there isn’t a problem.  But there is.  Assuming the person that has the money obtained it by using a talent (not always the case by any stretch of the imagination) that far exceeds the talents of the average person in a respective area, we are causing a drain of talent and brains away from our country.  In short, too much inequality has led to a potential “brain drain” in the U.S. because these lazy %1ers just don’t want to work anymore.

The most disgraceful part of this thinking is the clear lack of patriotism shown by these folks.  Everyone can see the government is still recovering from a near catastrophic economic collapse caused in some cases by the same %1ers now crying foul over higher taxes.  In order to help this recovery along back to economic stability, the people that did well have been asked to sacrifice a little more.  And the answer by some: “No, thanks.  I rather leave and watch the country go down in flames than do my share and help out.”  Frankly, it’s appalling and bears a closer resemblance to treason than patriotism on a civic duty scale.

But there is hope.  One political party has championed a way in one aspect of our society that could be expanded to ensure there is no “brain drain” in the United States by the richest people quitting their jobs.  Everyone knows what party I would be speaking of here regarding this type of issue: the Republican Party.

Through their position on teachers and their allegation educators are paid too much, we can keep some of our most talented folks from packing away their talents for good.  Just don’t pay them as much.  Then, only the best and the brightest will do the work these guys do now and they will do it for less pay because they love what they do.  And remember, some of these guys aren’t claiming they are going to take their business elsewhere.  They are saying they will retire early and quit for good.  Paying them less will keep them working and using their talents longer.  Brilliant!  Thanks for the strategy, GOP!

Just think, if this happens, we will be able to enjoy the fruits of the labor of our most talented people, like Phil Mickelson, as they work well into their 60s.  Just like the rest of us.  Now that’s true progress for America!

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