Revolutions and Media Control

imagesIn most revolutions many new regimes intimidate, if not completely takeover, the nation’s media outlets. They fear outside influence by foreign governments and Thermidorian periods which may result in counter-revolutions.

Now, counter to many accusations, I am a true democrat. The possibility of a government controlled press absolutely frightens and sickens me as a citizen of these United States. Yet, I can understand the position of revolutionary government in monitoring and censoring the media. A good example would be that of Cuba following Castro’s overthrow of Batista. With the overthrow of a government with a backer as large and as powerful as the United States looming so large just 90 miles north, flooding your airways with propaganda and launching military attacks in efforts to overthrow the new government, seems to me a justifiable position from which to launch a media takeover.

But what happens is that media control in these new regimes lasts far too long. In my opinion, and it may be called an unqualified one, should last two decades, at the longest, as determined by necessity. After that time period the people should be able to express their views, and especially their criticisms, regarding their new government.  But we have seen how long this media control can outlive its usefulness in societies around the world and throughout history, such as in China, Russia, Cuba, and North Korea.

So as related to this expression of the writer’s opinion, is a good article in The Guardian regarding Google’s attempt to bring uncensored internet and mobile phones to the people of North Korea.

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