One comment on “The Illusion of Safety and Its Effect on Reasonable Gun Control

  1. The design of handguns and assault rifles, when used correctly as the constructor envisioned, is to kill people quickly and efficiently. There is no other intention. If the US Constitution says everyone has a right to own these weapons, without discrimination, then the constitution is wrong.
    If the 6 year olds had been armed with weapons, they would have been able to exercise their constitutional right to self protection, as the gun lobby might argue. But any rational person would see a problem with arming 6 year olds, and for that matter many American adults, who do not meet rational qualifications for gun ownership.
    The mother of the maniac provided access to two handguns and an m16 like assault rifle, knowing full well her son was unstable, she paid for her bad karma, but so did 20 children and their families. What is the ultimate karmic debt of America for playing with its ongoing death obsession and will the horror ever end?

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