Marijuana legalization backed by Indiana State Police superintendent | The Courier-Journal |

Marijuana legalization backed by Indiana State Police superintendent | The Courier-Journal |

Another state is considering following the lead of Washington and Colorado in legalizing marijuana and the head of the Indiana State Police is clearly on board with this measure.  In all likelihood, this is the first of many officials in law enforcement who will come out in support of these policies as they have seen the destructiveness of keeping pot illegal.  They have first-hand experience and recognize it is too costly for both the government and the non-violent offenders who have their lives unfairly altered by a possession conviction.  At a time when government budgets are tight, solutions must be found to balance out the deficits most levels of government are running.  The legalizing and heavy taxing of marijuana is a small but logical step in this process.

There is one kind of humorous exchange in the article.  First, the state police superintendent states, “If it were up to me I do believe I would legalize it and tax it.”  Then, there is the inevitable running from the statement by his organization, despite the fact he is the head of it:

Capt. Dave Bursten, state police spokesman, quickly backtracked from Whitesell’s statement…“Although the superintendent personally understands the theoretical argument for taxation and legalization, as a police officer with over 40 years of experience he does not support the legalization of marijuana.” (Emphasis added.)

Yeah, “he does not support” it except that if it were his choice, he would “legalize it and tax it”.  Totally different things and I’m sure no one with less than a preschool education would be the slightest bit confused by that.  It’s so silly how organizations have to pretend they are normal by society’s outdated standards and support the status quo despite the reality time and reason are quickly passing it by.  But it is always going to happen as an inevitable part of change and we will just have to accept it no matter how much we just want to laugh.

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