Ex-Republicans claim Fla. GOP suppressed Democratic vote | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

Ex-Republicans claim Fla. GOP suppressed Democratic vote | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

Some whistle blowing going on now with the voter suppression tactics that were attempted by the GOP this past election.  A quote well worth noting from this article:

“I know that the cutting out of the Sunday before Election Day was one of their targets only because that’s a big day when the black churches organize themselves,” the anonymous longtime GOP consultant told the newspaper.

As I mentioned previously, this is a disgrace in terms of the idea of democracy because this is not an attempt to change the minds of people based on your policy positions.  It is simply an effort to shut people off from the election process and suppress their voices.  Democracies and people who claim to be patriotic do not do that.  Dictatorships and other oppressive political systems do.  Message to the GOP about democracy: you’re doing it wrong, at best, and downright immorally, at worst.

One thought on “Ex-Republicans claim Fla. GOP suppressed Democratic vote | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

  1. BARACK’s wealthy backers whom own the mredia
    blocked all contenders from the media / in leaving
    BARACK with an clear run becoming as remaining
    president. BARACK’s weathy backers so in awe at
    BARACK’s ability to spin a yarn / to deceive cheat
    lie to the people that they had him awarded him a
    ‘NOBEL PRIZE”. BARACK has served his masters
    well in having stipped the people of the few rights
    they has remaining / even most presious of rights
    that of a trial BARACK had removed as the nation
    slept as a media remained silent to a great wrong.

    Vote rigging is as as common as night follows day
    where the vote for one individual is cancelled and
    automaticaly given to another / the election of…..
    BUSH (George) was not only a example of votting
    fraud / but how corrupt the whole political arena is
    though it t’was clear BUSH never won the election
    a supreme court decision declared that BUSH had
    won the election / thus he made president / which
    resulted in a future where the USA military went on
    to kill millions man woman child being slaughtered.

    The problems of a USA go far deeper than votting
    fraud / the whole political as a military arena being
    rotten to its core. Corruption but having spread as
    a cancer having brought the nation unto it’s knees
    in bankruptcy as in shame at the crimes committed.


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