One comment on “Ex-Republicans claim Fla. GOP suppressed Democratic vote | The Ticket – Yahoo! News

  1. BARACK’s wealthy backers whom own the mredia
    blocked all contenders from the media / in leaving
    BARACK with an clear run becoming as remaining
    president. BARACK’s weathy backers so in awe at
    BARACK’s ability to spin a yarn / to deceive cheat
    lie to the people that they had him awarded him a
    ‘NOBEL PRIZE”. BARACK has served his masters
    well in having stipped the people of the few rights
    they has remaining / even most presious of rights
    that of a trial BARACK had removed as the nation
    slept as a media remained silent to a great wrong.

    Vote rigging is as as common as night follows day
    where the vote for one individual is cancelled and
    automaticaly given to another / the election of…..
    BUSH (George) was not only a example of votting
    fraud / but how corrupt the whole political arena is
    though it t’was clear BUSH never won the election
    a supreme court decision declared that BUSH had
    won the election / thus he made president / which
    resulted in a future where the USA military went on
    to kill millions man woman child being slaughtered.

    The problems of a USA go far deeper than votting
    fraud / the whole political as a military arena being
    rotten to its core. Corruption but having spread as
    a cancer having brought the nation unto it’s knees
    in bankruptcy as in shame at the crimes committed.

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