2 comments on “Romney’s Ridiculous and Immoral Position on the Navy

  1. Romney’s military spending is part of the NeoCon effort we have seen for decades now. Miltary contractors such as Halliburton,Boeing etc make great profits for investors and company owners like Romney, Cheney et al through sale of armaments and supplies, building and refurbishing military bases , waging wars big and small. While Romney-Ryan budget cuts aid to veterans directly and indirectly, reducing VA by 40%, he increases military spending on things which will put money in his pocket and private military contractors.The hypocrisy of making war using other families’ men and women while he stockpiles wealth for his own family is disgusting.

    • Well said. The interesting thing about this is they aren’t even really arguing the buildup because of a real world threat anymore. It is just a buildup of forces seemingly because it is the status quo at this point.

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