2 comments on “Romney’s Most Ignorant Statement From Debate

  1. Governor Romney’s incompetence was on full display at the debate last night. He vacillates on every issue, and he clearly does not have a command of the facts, particularly when it relates to foreign policy. He accused the President Obama of attacking him, but that was all Mitt did during the first debate…but that was okay…talk about a double standard!

    Mitt clearly showed that he crammed for this debate like a college student studying for a final exam; he regurgitated memorized information in an incoherent ramble. I found myself scratching my (bald) head while trying to make some sense of his incomplete thoughts, dangling participles, inaccurate statements, and lack of knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

  2. The “Freed other nations from dictators” comment nearly made my head explode in the midst of a conversation about Iran, a nation we “Freed” from a democratically elected government in 1953.

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