Edging Closer to Marriage Equality

Another appeals court has essentially pointed out the reality the marriage rules in the United States are unequal and they need to change.  The facts surrounding this area are covered well in the article but the key is the pressure is continuing to mount on the Supreme Court to address this issue and no longer dodge the inevitable decision it will make legalizing gay marriage across the country.  Marriage Equality

DOMA is clearly an unconstitutional piece of legislation along with the state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage and enough rulings have been made that the writing should be on the wall for everyone where this issue is headed and what the outcome will be when the highest court renders its decision.  In this way, the Constitution is much like the Bible for the people strongly against gay marriage.  They defend the Constitution and the principles within it…until the reality hits them there is something it says that goes so blatantly against what they believe.  Gay marriage will be legalized once the Supreme Court decides to take the issue on, the language in the Constitution will be the reason it will be legalized, and the country will be better off in the long run because of it.

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