Still a Bit Early But Can Romney Win?

A good article from the Atlantic explaining a reality about the state of Ohio that points to an almost sure win at the moment for President Obama.  Two important statements to keep in mind for now:

Mitt Romney currently appears to be losing the presidential election, and his problems are especially acute in Ohio, the state no Republican has ever won the presidency without. A new New York Times poll Wednesday put Romney a shocking 10 points behind Obama.

Things can change in the next six weeks (though it should be noted that no presidential election ever has — as The New Republic‘s Nate Cohn notes, “every candidate with a clear lead in the late September polls has won the popular vote…since 1948.”)

To some extent, it is kind of sad and disappointing that an election deciding who will preside over 300 million people will be decided by so few and such a small percentage of the population but it is what we face in these elections.  A lot may ride on the upcoming debates but let’s face it.  Obama is an extremely skilled orator and very good on his feet, like him or not, and Romney is not quite in the same class.  Romney “winning” more than one debate would be a surprise in all honesty which spells even more trouble for his election chances.  “Winning ” those is, of course, in the eye of the beholder as it should always be noted.

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