Is Iran That Suicidal?

An op-ed from the WSJ argues that Obama cannot continue ignoring speech by Iranian officials on how Israel should be destroyed.

But that is rightist, neo-con thinking. According to my opinion, as inconsequential as it is, and according to the reading I have done, there is no reason to believe that Iran is that suicidal. Mutual assured destruction is enough to keep a nuclear weapon solely used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with the major powers in the West. Plus, how much can we criticize Iran’s pursuit of a dooms-day device when Israel has 250 of them?

Just remember that rarely, if ever, are suicide bombers ever Iranian and remarks about wiping Israel off the map is just read meat thrown to the public to keep weakening ruling parties in power.

So Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear device is good for no one, the U.S. cannot be more hypocritical when Israel has so many of them.


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