Excellent Opinion Piece on Iranian Situation

By not lifting sanctions, West and Obama are helping Iran enrich uranium – CSMonitor.com.

A lot of interesting stuff in this one if you follow the situation between Iran and the international community over its development of nuclear material for civilian purposes.  This includes some of the conditions needed for the U.S. to lift sanctions on Iran and these conditions are standards even the U.S. itself arguably would not meet.

But the most important part of this article at the moment is toward the end and the reality most experts agree there is still no proof Iran is pursuing nuclear materials for military purposes.  The former head of the IAEA, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, and the Secretary of Defense are all on record recently saying no evidence exists on this belief.

So a bunch of defense hawks with no apparent basis for their argument are saying a Middle Eastern country is pursing dangerous weapons when the experts are saying their is no evidence to back up those claims.  And some people in the U.S. are threatening war over this.  Sounds eerily familiar.  Where have I seen this situation before…?

Let’s just hope cooler heads prevail for now and another U.S. foreign policy mistake can be avoided.

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