2 comments on “Worthy Criticism of Second Amendment by Mexican Official

  1. While I do agree with the private ownership of firearms, I have always been adamant about the need for better gun control laws as well as stiffer penalties for crimes committed with firearms. It is much to easy to obtain a firearm in the US and this really does need to change. The real intention of the Founding Fathers was to maintain a militia as they originally started with no government level military, nor did they want one. The continued idea of citizens having firearms was in case there was a military uprising the citizens would be able to fight back; however, the military has access to weaponry that normal citizens stand absolutely no chance of getting or standing against.

    It is far past the time to revisit the Second Amendment, as well as the whole Constitution, adapt it for the modern age and remove most, if not all, of the ambiguity from it. It was Thomas Jefferson who first put forth the idea of a Living Constitution, a constitution that was revisited at least once a generation. Instead, what we have is a 200+ year old document that has almost no bearing on the modern day we are living in and is subject to the varying opinions of whichever justices happen to be sitting on the SCOTUS bench.

    • I agree the intent of the Founding Fathers is certainly important. We should definitely be taking into account the environment they were in at the time and the reality that things have drastically changed since then. It could be argued the amendment was put in simply in the interest of survival of the new and relatively weak country, which obviously is not an issue now.

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