Bring Back the Draft!

This editorial from Thomas E. Ricks, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security and the author of “The Generals: American Military Command From World War II to Today,” forthcoming in October, states an opinion that I totally agree with: bring back the draft.

I believe every 18 year old should spend 2 years in the military before attending college or beginning a life outside of school. This is what many, many smaller countries in the world do.

As Mr. Ricks states, it would avoid unnecessary wars and everyone would think twice about national aggression if their son/daughter were on a plane to the next war zone.

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2 thoughts on “Bring Back the Draft!

  1. When I was very young American young men had an eight-year military obligation under something called “The Universal Military Training Act.” One could fulfill that obligation through a choice of combinations of active duty service and reserve memberships. The idea, I guess, was for every American male to be at least prepared to defend the country in some capacity if need be. It was a good plan. It turned a lot of boys into men, gave some women a new career choice (Although I don’t remember they were obligated to serve) and solved a lot of job and education problems for a lot of people who might never have received decent job training or the chance to have a college education with assistance from Uncle Sam. This plan did no damage to anyone because there were such things as deferments when justified. It was kind of a win-win for the country.


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