2 comments on “Questions about Supporting the Troops in Light of Tragedy

  1. I can see no reason why you would be anything other than overjoyed by an American soldier’s death. They are, after all, soldiers in the army of what is to you, judging by your questions to yourself, an enemy state.

    And no; your attending any American’s funeral would be the grossest insult imaginable.

    And yes; I hope, pray, and work towards the day when Americans can finally turn our military to the more needed matter of waging a final war against against our domestic enemies.

  2. During the Viet-Nam War I had similar questions. The one answer of which I was certain? Support those taking my place, the citizen soldier. Every week my Mother and I baked cookies, brownies, fudge, and pound cake. We mailed 3-4 boxes of goodies including gum, candy and baked items cushioned in popcorn to one particular 1st Cav. Division. At the same time, I protested the war, participated in hunger strikes and the 1970 spring protests on the campus of Ohio State. I sat in the lobby of our dorm as the lottery numbers were called and my friends sobbed to be drafted.Other than enriching arms dealers and corporate munitions makers I still don;t know what that war was all about. But, I know what I was about. And that is the most important thing. I hope you will support our soldiers, and oppose our wars. They are not the same thing.

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