Mega Millions and Mega Status

As of right now, tonight’s drawing for the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot will be for $640,000,000.

I have watched people flocking into their local “convenient” stores and gas stations on the news all day buying one or more of these tickets at a dollar apiece.

And the reporters keep asking those in line the same question: “What will you do if you win?”

But my question is who needs over a half billion dollars in personal fortune?

Is it for mansions and SUVs? Or is it even for private islands and Gulfstream Jets?

What forms of conspicuous consumption will quench your thirst for social status?

One thought on “Mega Millions and Mega Status

  1. I would much rather live my life in poverty full of friends and those who love me than to have all the money I could ever dream of, all the pretty, shiny toys but no one to enjoy it all with.


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