American Interests, Not Democracy and Freedom

Enabling Egypt’s Military Rulers
Americans believe that America will and always has acted in the interest of democracy and freedom around the world in terms of our foreign policy. But that could not be more wrong.

What America does internationally is what is best for American interests, not for the support of democratic change.

As is brought forward in this article, America has acted in our economic interest regarding Egypt and in in the maintenance of a new, stable ally. The government wants American-friendly stability in Egypt. That’s why they funded the Mubarak regime for decades despite its rapes, torture, and suppression of democratic rights. And now they see this military-controlled government as stable rather than a democratically chosen government that may not fall in line with our foreign policy desires.

Another good example of “American interest first” policy is the democratic elections that were held in Gaza in the 2000’s. When the Palestinians voted in Hamas, that was the wrong choice according to America. So we almost put a complete halt to the peace process.

But did not the U.S. have talks and diplomacy with the Soviet Union, our greatest enemy, during the Cold War despite their threat to our American way of life, yet we cannot have diplomatic relations with Hamas?

Now many say that it is fine that we act in American interests first and foremost. And that is fine as long as the Government does not dress it up as spreading peace through democracy around the world.

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