The Syrian Revolutionaries

When I was in graduate school, I studied social movements. And it never ceases to amaze me how the thirst for social/political/economic change can result in so much bravery.

In Syria, the U.N. reports that an estimated 8,000 people have perished in the emerging revolution …500 have been children. Military crackdowns have been brutal. Yet the people’s movement grows stronger in numbers and more powerful through organization every day.

In different points in history, crackdowns have destroyed countless revolutions for one reason or another. So it never stops my wonder when a movement for change only gets larger in the face of harsher and harsher state repression. They do not cower, but rather get more and more steeped in anger. They go out and join the movement despite the bodily harm that may result, despite their families, and despite the size and strength of the forces against them.

The people do not have the given arms or the air bombings that were present in Libya. Russia and China will not intervene for they do not want any focus on their own human rights offenses. And their own military has turned against them.

Yet the people fight on…

One thought on “The Syrian Revolutionaries

  1. The bravery of these revolutionaries is astonishing, and interestingly some Egyptian Revolutionaries told me that everyone finds their level of commitment: whether its battling on the front lines, or filming from further back, standing resolute with everyone or standing when attacked- the idea is that everyone has their role, and everyone gets involved to the level which they can. All of it is beyond belief.

    I’ve heard that the Syrian Military have approached a new level, using Aircraft to attack the populace- perhaps the international community have moved on a little thanks to this news, but I wouldn’t expect anything soon…


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