One comment on ““Cultural Hegemony” in America

  1. You have swallowed the bitter pill of class warfare and Marxist propaganda known as the “1%”. If you want to put a scary name to our current state of affairs, you should have chosen “fascism”. The Obama administration has made more deals, passed more oppressive regulations and taken more funds from corporations than any other president in history. Don’t give me that crap that the media is owned by the 1%- the media has hidden the communist, world government agenda of our government and various public figures for decades. You are the one who needs an education- start by reading “The Gulag Archipelago”- when you finish that- read “The Road We Are Travelling”, then something by Orwell. If Capitalism is so bad- you should give away all of the “evil” gains and benefits that you have acquired by taking part in this system. Who made your computer? Your phone? How about your car? Do you go to the grocery store? Life is good here because of capitalism. There is no perfect system and there will always be abuses- but come on…do you really think your life will be better after we give the government the power to take things away from people and enforce “fairness”. “Fairness” is the devil’s trick to enslave everyone. Be careful what you wish for. Communism has been the cause of more slaughter than any other system throughout history.

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