A Short & Simple Argument for Leaving Afghanistan


Why are we still occupying Afghanistan? Have we not crippled Al Quaeda in the country and killed bin Laden? Do not the majority of Americans think we should pullout now?

Sure, the Taliban have made a comeback and we are currently negotiating with them. But judging by events on the ground we cannot do anything about that. We have found ourselves in another Vietnam. There are no objectives to be accomplished, we are propping up a puppet regime, and an unfriendly ruling party are poised to assume power as soon as we leave. But the world did not end when the NVA rode their tanks into Saigon.

And maybe we should never have invaded Afghanistan at all. Maybe a limited military strategy involving special forces, armed drones, and negotiations with the former Taliban government would have been more desirable. But we had to get into the nation building business.

But instead of thinking through our invasion, we acted out of pure emotion. Someone had to pay for 9/11, and those people were the people of Afghanistan (and, later, Iraq). Emotion and hubris, not logic or an examination of history (mainly, the failed invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviets), led us right into a another quagmire. – Kleier

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